A typical day at LOFT

What does a typical day look like at a LOFTechnology week long program?

Before/After Program

For those who choose to drop their student off early or pick-up late, we spend the time playing fun games - some favorites are Exploding Kittens, Bananagrams, and Mancala.  We frequently bring our robot friend Cosmo, a mini interactive bot with a big personality!

Learn & Build

Once everyone has arrived we dive right in to learning!  Our instructors walk the students through how to build their game, robot, or whatever the topic for the week is.   There are four learn & build periods throughout the day: early morning (after drop-off), late morning (after snack), early afternoon (after lunch & active time), and late afternoon (after snack).

Snack Time!

We have snack twice a day, including an allergen friendly snack and juice.  This time also allows us to step away from the computers and enjoy simple social time and perhaps a riddle or two.


Lunch will either be in the cafeteria (if on a campus) or in a separate space where students can focus on fueling their bodies and socializing with other students and the instructors.

Active Time

After lunch students and instructors head outside (weather permitting) for some active play: soccer, frisbee, capture the flag, or even a simple game of tag.  Be sure to bring a water bottle and dress appropriately!


Friday afternoons we encourage parents to arrive early for project presentations.  Students get to show off the projects they have created over the course of the week.  Can't make it?  We broadcast live on Facebook too (with parent permission).