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Suzanne Delaney Founder & Director of Programs

Suzanne Delaney, owner and founder of Leaders of Future Technology, LLC.

Suzanne founded Leaders of Future Technology, LLC in 2016.  She has a love of technology and believes that the next generation (including her own two sons) should be given the knowledge and inspiration required to become the innovators of the future.

Suzanne has a BS in Computer Science from RPI, a MS in Information Technology from SNHU, and a MBA from Rivier University.  She is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy where she served as an Information Warfare (Cryptology) Officer for 8 years.

Suzanne lives in Nashua, NH with her husband and two sons.  In her free time she enjoys gardening, reading, and of course playing with tech!

Katherine Townsend Animation Instructor

Katherine Townsend, Animation Instructor

Katherine is a senior at Hollis Brookline High School, who is interested in pursuing a career in Animation after she graduates. She lives in Brookline, NH, and enjoys watching movies, reading, and doing art. She competes for her school's Science Olympiad team, and loves learning science with her teammates. She's a major animated film buff, and her favorite is Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. She's excited to share her passion and knowledge for animation with the world! 

Mona Joshi, Program Developer

Mona Joshi, Instructor

 Mona Joshi is recently graduated with a MS in Computer Information Systems from Rivier University, NH. She also has a MS in Computer Information Technology from India, a BS in Computer Applications, and in Education.  Mona enjoys designing arts and bollywood dance apart from computers and practices yoga. 
Mona lives in Tewksbury, MA with her husband and young son. 

Brandon Lee, Instructor


Brandon is a Junior at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. There he's studying chemistry and computer aided design. As a 3D printing hobbiest he enjoys making digital art. He grew up in Nashua New Hampshire where he enjoys fishing, cooking and making salsa. 

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Our Story

Our Story

In the fall of 2015, our founder Suzanne enrolled in a Leadership Seminar class at Rivier University as part of her MBA.  At the time, she was also working full time as a corporate trainer at a software development company in Massachusetts.  The other students in the class came from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and the focus of the class was on being a leader in the world. 

The final project in the class required each student to create a 5 year career plan.  As Suzanne reflected on her own experiences and what she wanted her own impact on the world to be, she thought back to the short time she spent working as a program manager at a STEM education company in Nashua.  The experience had been rewarding and fun and the programs really did make an impact - many of the students and instructors went on to top colleges and went into careers in different types of engineering and design. 

So Suzanne decided that she wanted to return to the company and be part of its growth.  The company, however, was moving out of Nashua because the owners had moved to California.  Having rediscovered her passion and desire to grow STEM programs in the area, Suzanne didn't give up - instead, she left her job in corporate America and founded Leaders of Future Technology - LOFTechnology.

Although Suzanne knew how important it is for kids to have fun in after school or vacation programs, she wanted LOFTechnology to be more.  In ten years, the workforce will see a higher demand for skilled technical workers but a smaller pool of those workers.  So encouraging and teaching kids in STEM topics is more important than ever.  But even more important will be the need for innovators in the future, who understand the importance of taking risks, communication, collaboration, leadership, and creativity.  We are at a point where technology can do so much and we need more people who can not only work with the new technologies that are developed every day, but who can come up with new and better ways to use technology to create solutions that will solve many of the problems the world faces every day.  They will improve healthcare, environmental sustainability, public safety, and so many other important areas that will make our world a better place.

This is why LOFTechnology exists.  Join us as we create the next generation of innovators.