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What is LOFT Academy?

 LOFT Academy is designed to stand out on a college application!  LOFT Academy is an essential summer experience for aspiring developers based on real-world development environments.  Students learn teamwork, communication skills, innovation, leadership, and technology development.  


 Participants learn to develop technology based on best practices from real-world development environments.  By the end of the week participants will be familiar with the software development life cycle and will release their own iteration of a video game or mobile app.

Leadership & Teamwork

 Participants will spend the week learning and working with their teammates to create a prototype project.  Each participant will be team leader at least one day during the program to learn leadership skills.  Everyone will receive feedback from the staff and their teammates to give them confidence as an aspiring technology development leader.


Participants learn communication skills through communication exercises and by using a variety of tools to communicate with their teammates.  They will be introduced to popular collaboration software platforms and use one as they complete their project.


 Innovation is taught throughout the entire development process - from design, to iterative development, to testing and feedback.  Participants will learn to look at the world from a different angle and to always ask "how can this be done better"?


In addition to LOFT Academy staff, participants will learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and insight throughout the week.  They will leave LOFT Academy confident and inspired!